Updated Standard (Student Dress Code)

A page from the new parent handbook... 

There are several changes. Please read thoroughly. (Also, we will have some MCA shirts available for purchase or to order soon.) If you have any questions after reading the policy, you may contact Geri Carlson at gcarlson@gomca.org. 


(This is an updated standard for student attire. As always, student clothing should be God- honoring. Students who choose to not adhere to the standards as indicated will be required to return to the former dress code. Each student will receive up to two warnings; after that, the student will be required to return to the former dress code for the remaining school year.)

Students should dress like scholars, prepared to learn and engage without distractions. The MCA-expected attire allows room for some flexibility as we celebrate individuality. However, standards should be consistently respected, and a clean presence should be maintained at all times. If a child arrives at the academy inappropriately dressed per MCA policy, he or she will be asked to remain in the office until a parent is contacted and returns to the academy with proper attire.

Note: Our staff has no desire to be “fashion police,” so it is appreciated that you, the parent, make sure these guidelines are respectfully met before your child leaves home. Thank you.


GIRLS (also see Boys & Girls below)

Shirts & Blouses

– All tops must have a collar (unless it is a MCA t-shirt or attire).
Prints and solid colors are acceptable as long as there is no offensive logo, print, or wording. Short, mid or 3/4, or long sleeves are required; no sleeveless or cap sleeves permitted. The sleeve should reach at least near the middle of the upper arm.
– Modesty: Neckline standard is limited to one (1) inch below clavicle (collar bone).
No lower-cut top will be acceptable.

Tops must be loose fitting – NO clinging material; moderate weight material must be worn with a second shirt (layer clothing). Refrain from lightweight material. No midriff or skin in front or back should be revealed when lifting arms. If questionable, make another choice.

Skirts, Jumpers/Dresses, & Shorts

– Solid color (all colors except white), or plaid print. (Other prints/styles may be approved by administrator, but must meet all other requirements.)
– Twill (Docker’s type) material, or wool-type blend or other heavy material accepted. (No denim, except for designated casual days.)

– Shorts or leggings* must be worn under skirts at all times.
– No more than two (2) inches above the knee (front and back) when kneeling.
Note: Reasonably, for students at the highest end of the height scale – above 85th percentile with exceptionally long legs – an exception may be made for skirts (and shorts) to be slightly adjusted. This will be rare, and must be approved in advance by the administrator.
Parents, please contact administrator. (If in question, you may be asked to bring a doctor’s note indicating 85+ percentile height.). Same accommodation applies to girls and boys shorts. **

*NO LEGGINGS (or jeggings, or similar) are to be worn as pants.
Shorts are allowed when weather is expected to be above 70 degrees.


BOYS (also see Boys & Girls below)


– Collared shirts (polo or dress shirts) are standard.
– Prints or solid colors are acceptable as long as there is no offensive logo, wording, or print. – Short, mid, or long sleeves are required; no sleeveless or cap sleeves allowed. The sleeve should reach near the middle of the upper arm.
– Shirts must be long enough (and pants must be high enough) to not reveal skin on the backside or in the belly area when lifting arms.



Pants – Solid color (all colors except white).
– Khaki / twill material only (Docker’s type); loose fitting. (Denim may be permitted for casual day only).
- Shorts – Same as pants. No more than two (2) inches above the knee (front and back) when kneeling. (**Rare accommodation for exceptionally tall students. See “Note” for girls shorts/skirts – same exception applies to taller boys. Must be approved in advance by administrator.) Shorts are allowed when weather is expected to be above 70 degrees.

MCA t-shirts and other MCA items may be available for purchase on our website at GoMCA.org (or at the school office) and may be worn any day unless otherwise noted, as long as the item is newer or gently worn (please refrain from wearing any t-shirts/items once they become worn or stained; they should be clean and in good condition). Make good choices so this standard can remain.

Hoodies are acceptable as long as they do not have offensive logo, wording, or print (no skull, etc.). Skater brands and similar are discouraged. Do not wear hood indoors (two warnings; if hood is worn indoors you will lose the privilege of wearing hoodies).

Shoes – Athletic or casual/dress shoes without black soles that scuff flooring are standard.
– No open-toe shoes are allowed at any time.
– Athletic or gym shoes MUST be worn for gym class for students to participate. Students will be marked off each day they do not have proper attire for gym, and it will reflect on their report card. Students may wear their athletic shoes to school on days of gym class.

Kindergarten or 1st Grade – If young students of any grade are unable to tie their own shoes, please teach him/her this task at home. There simply is not enough time allotted in class to master this task. Typically, students should be able to tie shoes before entering kindergarten and especially first grade. We recognize that on occasion a student may need assistance, and the teacher will gladly help. (Please inform the classroom teacher if there are fine motor skill issues designated in an IEP before enrolling at MCA so that we may discuss with you the accommodations.) Thank you.


Boys and girls are expected to be clean and have good hygiene at all times. Usually by fourth grade, underarm deodorant is necessary. Parents, if you have any questions about personal hygiene recommendations, please contact the school office or administration. 

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