Supply List Coming This Week

We are doing something different with the school supply list this year. Lists will be much shorter for parents than previous years because MCA is going to make some of the purchases and add a fee at registration. The fee to parents/guardians will be $20 or less. (We will post more specific info here soon.)

While MCA purchases some of the supplies in advance, parents will save some time searching for supplies, There will be a smaller list of items for parents to purchase or bring from home.

Some of the items purchased by MCA are crayons and colored pencils, scissors, notebooks, and some other items. The list for parents will include paint shirts, some pens, and other items, which will be detailed this week. The list will be out by Wednesday. Please check back. 

One of the reasons we are choosing to purchase some of the supplies has to do with some wonderful additions to our younger elementary grades, especially. Read more updates on our Administrator's blog page. 

Supply List 2016-17

Supply List 2016-17

Updated Standard (Student Dress Code)