Our 2015-16 school year has already proven to be a year of transition. Our name change (formerly Michiana Christian School) and this new website are merely a reflection of what is going on inside. On the first day of school, I introduced new expectations for behavior and conduct. After implementing a structured discipline policy, the students were able to experience a consistent plan. And guess what happened? Our students rose to new levels of positive behavior. The changed environment was hard to miss. People began asking questions, and daily comments about the welcomed change were encouraging.

Next, we implemented new programs, including a new teaching philosophy. Since the early 1990's I've been passionate about getting critical thinking back into our schools. Today, the skill continues to be faded, if at all present in our schools - public and private alike. At Michiana Christian Academy, critical thinking is a main focus. We implemented project-based learning (PBL) at MCA, and our students are enjoying it! Our licensed and specially-trained educators are engaging students like never before, and the students are learning to become good, deeper thinkers. (Music to my ears!)

There is more to come, and I'll write about it here. Check back often. I'll occasionally share information about our academy as it unfolds, or as it progresses. I'll also write articles that I hope will inspire you, or help you with family issues. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. God bless you all!

In Him,
(Mrs. Carlson, Administrator/Principal)