It is an honor and privilege to be the new principal for Michiana Christian Academy (MCA). God has blessed this school over the years and we are excited about getting started for this school year, 2017-2018!

God is the center of my life, of everything that I do. I believe in the precepts of service, using the life of Jesus Christ as He lived with and served those who were in need and less fortunate. It is my goal to always make a difference; to be whatever God calls me to be. I am driven to fulfill the will of God in my life and help others recognize, develop and reach what He intends for them to be.

I love the education process and I am grateful that God has called me to administrate and assist MCA students and parents through their educational journey. My relationship with God is paramount to my gifting of service, caring, and insight when working with all types of people. I believe that service is the most important part of being an educator. Making sure that all involved parties are heard, understood and feel included is my goal as an Administrator—know that I am here for every student, family member as well as our educators and staff here at MCA. We are a family, united in the same cause of equipping each student with the best academic, spiritual and personal tools to move forward in their academic career.

Looking forward to an awesome year! Go Eagles!

Ms. Davis


Welcome, Scholars!

Welcome, Scholars!

Our first day of school, this tenth day of August (2016), is filled with excitement! 

When you enter our academy, you will see a visual difference from the previous year. Many loving and caring individuals offered their time and hard work to help paint, clean, declutter, and renovate (thank you, His Builders) our academy. This great effort and commitment to exemplary service, which lasted all summer (and continues), is led by an amazing man, Paul Stearns. We are truly grateful...and stoked

Our second floor facility, our new MCA Middle School (secondary, grades 6-8), has been renovated to include a true 21st century educational facility that accommodates project-based learning (PBL). MCA has updated...

Learning Concepts & Continued Growth

After 40 years, MCA has implemented remarkable academic changes. MCA started this journey one year ago. It's exciting, and sometimes exhausting. We are dedicated to continued growth; good learners never stop moving forward. The name of our academy, for starters, is new. Our emphasis on critical thinking is now at the core of academics at MCA.  21st Century learning and project-based learning (PBL) is the focus in every classroom. And now, especially in our early elementary classrooms, you will see a visible change as educators implement a Reggio Emilia approach. Reggio Emilia inspired classrooms will compliment our forward-thinking learning philosophy. Students experience community and deeper relationships through respect and love for one another. In fact, we implemented a priority on respect into our school-wide expectations last year - a key element as we grow stronger, focusing on being The Academy On A Hill.

These kinds of changes don't happen overnight. As our students and families fully understand, 2015-16 was a transitional year for MCA. The growth and evolvement continues, just as learning continues. We continue to improve and strive for excellence at MCA, and it's a team effort. It takes hard work and grit, as well as commitment and an encouraging spirit. I'm grateful to say we have a great team, and I'm looking forward to the 2016-17 school year!

I am happy to report that MCA is celebrating 40 years of service to the community! Now, that's something to be excited about! One thing that has been a constant over the past forty years is the steadfast commitment to honoring God through this ministry. God as foundation is the one thing that won't change at MCA. 

To God be the glory. Great things HE has done!


We appreciate your support and prayers. There's a lot of work happening behind the scenes, but we definitely could use more help. Ask how you can get involved in making MCA a great place for our students and our community. Thanks, friends! 



Looking for Supporters in our Community

MCA Supporters Put The Fun In Fundraisers!

Go to our News and Updates page to see the latest, upcoming fundraisers. We are stoked about these events! 

  • Read-A-Thon - beginning April 1st
  • Trivia Night - April 22nd
  • Weekend Of Giving - April 22-24
  • MCA 1st Annual Golf Outing - May 21st

MCA depends on our community to help support this steadfast ministry of 40 years.

Business Community...We would love to partner with you!

We are seeking to connect and hopefully partner with some businesses/corporations in the community that believe in quality education. MCA has transitioned into an innovative, forward-thinking academy. Let's talk! 



An Innovative Christian School

Our 2015-16 school year has already proven to be a year of transition. Our name change (formerly Michiana Christian School) and this new website are merely a reflection of what is going on inside. On the first day of school, I introduced...